Thursday, April 26, 2007

Piercing Light

The below article was taken from, April25, 07

As I was praying for Japan last night, I saw a strong light pierced across the coastal area, forcing its way through Kyushu, traveling its way up to Shikoku and the west.

If I remember correctly, the light started to force in at the coastal line of Nagasaki and Fukuoka, through Kumamoto. This is the line where Makoto and team met difficulties. If that is it, then the opposition is clearly the resistant against the light. The land is in thirst. The light that breaks in will sweep across the land, and take deep root within.

Push on! Press in! The uproar of the East Sea is fierce, but then we have Jesus on our ship!

Pray for the LIGHT to shine on the Land of Kyushu! Land that was once fertiled, land that was once gave up all it had for what they believed, land that suffered the longest persecution for Christ.
She is waking up!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kyushu and Gospel



Aside of these, you can refer to the prayer items listed in Operation Japan,

Thursday, March 1, 2007

March with the Cross

In 1992, Suzuki along with a handful of peer Yakuza converts led a six-month evangelical march throughout Japan, lugging a huge wooden cross. The march started from Kyushu. Then, similar walking tours took place in South Korea and Hawaii, which eventually developed into Mission Barabbas, a missionary group organized by Suzuki and other Yakuza converts. He is now leading a church in Chiba, Siloam Christ Church.

Rev. Hiroyuki Suzuki鈴木啓之
Siloam Christ Church
〒 273-0002
TEL/FAX: 047-421-0850

Saturday, February 3, 2007


I feel that there is a very complicated emotion moulding in this area.

And I also felt the potential of being a source for emerge of New Age. And Okinawa seems to play some factors in this. I observed that Okinawa had been put on the spot in demonstrating Japanese traditional art and culture. In the movie of "Lily-Chou no subete", Okinawa was also highlighted.

On the other hand, I feel that the spiritual oppression is same as in all parts in Japan. Somehow there are a bit difference in locations.

In Kyoto and Tokyo, I found very oppressed, but the kind of spirits were a bit different, in terms of approach. Kyoto to me was like "it's natural, it's a part of life." and the power of the Gospel was like in the cocoon. Then, in Tokyo, I found the spirits more aggressive, and covered up by materialistic. In Asakusa, it is like a "sucking" energy, luring people to worship it. In other parts of Tokyo, it is like a "blinding" effect.

I had never been to Kyushu, but the anxious remains after I started the research.( It is more than ten months now, for the research of Kyushu) In fact, I think I'm threatened by the complicated energy in Kyushu. New Age seems to blend very well in the original believes, and is popular among the young ones, even if they disregard Shinto or Buddhism. Nothing much evidence or current church info at this area, but I see it as a strategic location that the soldier shall never miss!

Kyushu Map

I know some of you love to study the map, and pray with it. Enjoy praying, and let us know!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Curses and Blessings

As we started to pray along the line of Kyushu, we began to see more things. But before I throw you more questions, I would love you to see a picture.

As we had shared earlier this year, that there are some people who were called for reconciling Japan with former enemies, particularly pointing the history of WW2. So, what they did was to repent their sins on behalf of Japan. I found one in HK last year sometime around end-August or October. And of course there were both sides of Chinese and Japanese which had come together, praying and seeking the Lord. I would not be surprise to find many of them are intercessors.

Our friend Joseph Ozawa and Keiko are actively involve in this campaign. They believe that Japan will be set free from blood guilt and revival will come to Japan. I believe, it is the forgiveness that these people are seeking. And with the forgiveness, the blessings shall flow without hindrances.

On the other hand, Pauline was reminded by her mom as she was praying for Japan at home. He mother shared with her that how her grandma (one of the victim that suffered in the hands of the Japanese during WW2 back home in Malaysia) had cursed the Japanese whenever she met one, or as she was reminded about them. The curses charged the whole generation! I am not surprise to this as well. If you basically heard how people curse others, especially the Chinese and the Indians ( people group that we could identify in this country), you know that this is not far from the true.

So, what had made Japan to loose out in the race of Gospel for all these years? Would it be of these curses? Japan, China, Korea, all three shared similar cultural background. China and Korea both had moved far. What happened to Japan? If you want to talk about persecution that brought forth revival, Japan had undergone 250 years of Christian persecution long before World War. Korea is a growing church, China is emerging church. But Japan, till today, after 400 years of Christian work, is classifed as Unreached.

The fire of revival had been prophesied to Japan for many decades now. Of course, sometimes we will have reports like Gallup Survey (2001) that suggested an optimistic view of changing face in current Japan. But we cannot deny that today, Japan is still under heavy bondage. Would it be the curse that had blocked Japan to receive her blessings? Had our dear brothers and sisters in China and Korea be a part of this "curse" giver? If we Christians, cannot forgive, or waiting for the Japanese to repent before we could forgive, we could never really release a true forgiveness to the Japanese! Then, what are we talking about "Salvation to come"? And do remember that we are dealing with the unforgiveness of the Christians now, how about the unforgiveness of the pagans?

Pauline suggested that the curses might have contributed to the tremendous high and increasing suicide rate in Japan. This link not only to spiritual death, but also physical death!

My friends, if you feel that God had impressed you to pray along Kyushu, please, do so! If the topic of "Curses and Blessings" had imposed a burden on you, please, pray about it! But if the Lord had lead you to pray in other areas, please, seek Him with all your heart, and allow Him to open your eyes and tell you where and what exactly. Share with us then, let us know what God is doing, and we shall pray together, and amen to each other. So, at the end of the day, we will have different groups to cover different areas and issues in Japan, that we would meet each other, and finally get to the point where God wants us to be!

Mark 11:25 When you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive your sins.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stories to Explore

Nagasaki, 5 Feb 1597, 26 martyrs were crucified. 1945 Atomic Bomb.

Miyazaki, the place of the ancient tales of gods and goddesses, the making of the earth, and the making of Japan.

Oita, we have Lord Otomo, the Damiyo (a samurai) that became a Christian.

Kagoshima, the beginning of Catholicism in Japan.

Okinawa, suffered great lost of life during WW2. Even discriminated by mainland Japan.

Each prefecture in Kyushu seems to own an unique story by its own. It's worth to press on and pray! One thing that I had been challenged by my Lord, are we praying for them? Are we praying for the Japanese? Is it enough? We shall pray in one accord, crying to the Lord, deeply in our spirit, until we see a breakthrough in Japan! Amen.